This is a project initiated in 2016 with the views expressed by the members of the church council Mafinga in conjunction with the Local Development Committee in order to increase the income of reproduction and Parish Church in general. The project officially began in 2016 in the month of 4 to raise a few chickens that were bought with money donated by members of the Development Committee and members of the Finance Committee. Finance Committee took responsibility for writing the project and involving Parish friend from overseas who is St. David’s Methodist Church in Wales. This project was written to explain that we Tanzanian Shillings 4 million (or Pounds 2110) in order to be in a good level of being able to generate huge profits by promoting income Mafinga parish and the Church in general.

our friends in St. David’s Methodist Church agreed to edify us to make sure we improve this project and make it as large as we had planned and then they contribute to us amount of Tanzanian Shillings two millions for the first phase and started the building of nice and modern huts favor pastoral local chicken, and buy other poultry where until now we have 30 chickens already and others have already begun to lay eggs. These funds also helped us to be able to buy better food chicken, feeding utensils and water troughs that are modern.

Our expectation is to promote this project become more widespread and could be the best sellers of local chickens in the town of Mafinga. But we also expect to expand this project to be able to raise other species of birds such as ducks, guinea fowl and quail. Our vision is also to be the biggest producers of local chicken chicks and to become the biggest manufacturers of traditional chicken eggs in the entire town of Mafinga.
We thank those who have sacrificed for their time, their ideas and their possessions in achieving this project so that we keep building the kingdom of God together.
Sincere thanks to our friends from St. David’s Methodist Church in Wales to commit to financial and encouraged in enabling us to constantly ask us so that we can achieve this project.
God bless all of you for the commitment on us.