Kinyanambo (St. Andrew) Church is a one of the Mafinga parish outstation which is found in Mafinga town, at the street called Kinyanambo, this church has 100 congregations, one catechist/evangelist who lead the church in all services and all church level meetings he’s a chairman of the church council.
church-EvangelistThe congregation at St. Andrew are very kind, cheerful and love to every newcomer. When you at St. Andrew you will never feel like you’re at a foreign church. They have a very warm service which will make you feel filled with God’s glory.

St. Andrew church have bought a piece of land which is 1.5 acres, there is church construction project which is going on as they gather in a temporary wood building. The building has reached to half and still collect contribution from congregation and other people too. Thank you to St. David’s Methodist Church from Wales for their contribution to the church building, thank you Rev. Mike Harrison connecting us with St. David’s Methodist Church.