UMAKI is an association of women in the Anglican Church in Tanzania. This is an acronym of the words UMOJA WA MAMA WA KIKIRISTO, in English this party called MOTHER’S UNION is simply MU. Association / Institution this is important, is widespread and is recognized by all Anglican churches around the world
This party was founded by the wife of the priest / vicar / pastor named Mama Mary Sumner, in England in 1886, after seeing her husband’s workload especially about the service of women in the Church. For this reason, this woman and her colleagues persuade me to discuss various ways to improve care for women in the Church and society in general.
This party is for Christian women were especially Anglicans aged 18 and older. Mother of other denominations can join this party to accept the association’s purposes and much more for special permission from the bishop of the diocese where he is.The Mothers’ Union is a worldwide Christian organization with more than 4 million members in 81 countries. Our vision is of a world where God’s love is shown through loving, respectful and flourishing relationships.
The Mothers’ Union is firmly rooted in the voluntary ethos. Its governance, leadership and programs are driven by and undertaken through members around the world as they respond to God’s call to faith and action.
And members estimated that 100 – 200 in our parish. Not easy to get accurate data members because: Most do not pay a yearly fee, and many do not attend class on Tuesdays mothers.