This is a project which has been launched in November 2016; it is a project of Mafinga parish which the main goal is to promote reading the word of God among Christians in our parish but also to spread the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ to the community around us. The project has started with few books which include Bibles, hymns books, the liturgy of Anglican Church of Tanzania and few books for various topics such as Holy Spirit, the work of the Holy Spirit, how to pray and so many more.

Our vision on this project is to establish a communication center which will be named Bethany. where by congregation and none Christians will also be invited for free to come read books, buy books and learn more about God and our Lord Jesus Christ, place where people will meet and teach each other about God, the word of God and share different experiences and witnessing what God have done to them.  This is center will also have African arts for selling, will sale soft drinks and bites and snacks  for people to refresh when they are around here and at evening we will sale fresh milk and coffee too.  It is our hope that this center once it is working it will be a very good source to collect and bring together youths and help them to turn their life to God and become the part of Jesus’ servants to build the Kingdom of God.

For the project to become successful it needs a funding for building two rooms which will be partitioned for library, store and office.  Our plan is to have this project established at June in 2017 by God’s grace, so we are calling upon anyone who will be touched to donate/contribute on the process of establishing the project to contact us and we will sure reply you with all your requirements, we will also be ready to send you the project proposal so that you can see it. Please we are asking for anyone who will read this to share it with others, churches, parishes and any organizations which you might know they can be in a position to work with us on this project so that together we will be building the body of Christ and share the love of Christ Jesus our Lord.

May the blessing of our AL might God be upon you all.