Mafinga Anglican Church parish has not been Established since 1985, the church has passed in different stages of growth. In 1985 the Church began to pray in a primary school Wambi consisting of a few believers, but as the days been moving believers were proliferating, Dip in 1990 members moving from primary school Wambi moving and began to pray in the hall of the college RMA (Registered Medical Assistance). Believers emigrated from primary school Wambi from deportation and banned from using the school’s classrooms worship. Through believer named Dr.Nchimbi who was a teacher at the RMA in the district hospital in Mufindi  they got permission to pray in the hall of the RMA, but also it was a challenge because there were members of the church of the Moravian that they were strangers too in Mafinga town had no church yet. their area that they had not built the Church except they have built one small room is what they were using it for worship every Sunday. But by 1996 they started building the church and placed the foundation stone by honorable Bishop Malcolm Harding  from British Columbia Canada. By 1997 the building was complete. Construction of the church was completed with contributions devoted to the members, the church is what is used to this day and is able to receive only 150 members in one service. At present the number of believers has increased and reached 300, so the church has a small building. The biggest challenge occurs if there is a special ritual feast, and confirmation.
This church has been enough to the number of 150 congregation since 1996 but has now reached a stage where we must move to another stage, creating a new building of the Church which will have capacity to meet current and future needs.