Tanzania Anglican Youth Organization (TAYO) is an affiliation of the Anglican Church of Tanzania. It was formed in the early 1980s by the young of the Church.
TAYO deals with youth matters, social, economic and spiritual, under the supervision of Church leaders from all levels, such as Evangelists, Pastors and Bishop.

The Vision of TAYO:
Our vision is that all the youth of the Church are well equipped to develop in their Christian faith, to participate fully in church life, and to serve with Christ’s love in their local community.

Mission Statement of TAYO:
TAYO exists to empower young people to reach their full potential spiritually, mentally, & physically so that they can play a complete role in the Church and in society.

Goals of TAYO:
• To ensure young Christians develop in faith and Bible knowledge.
• To safeguard and preserve Christian ethics.
• To coordinate and supervise all youth activities in the Church.
• To strengthen peace, love and dignity among the youth.
• To cooperate with the youth of other countries.
• To improve the reproductive health and life skills of young people.
• To enhance evangelism work among young people and educate them about life issues (i.e., spiritual, physical, &  mental).
• To improve the economic well-being of young people.
• To incorporate youth in worship with singing, choir group, drama, traditional dancing & poetry.
• To encourage youth to keep their bodies healthy by participating in sports.
• To enable youth to be self-reliant by teaching them to plan & manage projects.
• To instill among the youth an understanding of their role to protect & further the church.
• To help youth tackle life challenges (i.e., illiteracy, disease, poverty).

Statement of Values:
• Unity among the youth
• Love among the members
• Cooperation and teamwork
• Dignity
• Confidence to achieve
• Bible knowledge and general education
• Faith
• Confidentiality
• Transparency
• Equal opportunities for all youth

General TAYO Activities and Services:
• Coordinate youth work across the Anglican Diocese of South West Tanganyika.
• Assist youth leaders and workers across the Diocese through training workshops and conferences
• Assist in the organization of national and regional youth conferences.
• Raising funds locally and through national and international donors.
• Training regional youth representatives in leadership and Bible knowledge
• Increasing awareness on HIV/AIDS through training peer educators, using gospel music, seminars, debates, youth  conferences,
• Mobilizing young people to establish small income generating projects and micro-finance facilities.
• Conducting evangelism through gospel music and local congregations.
• Bible Study Evangelism, Prayer Meetings, Picnics and Work Tours.

Challenges of TAYO –Mafinga:
• High rate of HIV/AIDS transmission among the youth and Drug abuse
• Mass unemployment among the young people and large skill gap for entrepreneurship
• Peer pressure among young people
• Lack of knowledge in project planning and management
• Environmental degradation and natural hazards
• Insufficient funds to tackle our major challenges
• We do not have adequate funds for moving around our 6 Anglican churches in our parish.
• Administration costs.
• Start youth empowerment programs through micro-finance
• Start regular youth events involving all parishes
• Strengthen youth choirs by helping them to acquire basic music instruments such as keyboard, amplifier, and loudspeakers.
• Provide Soccer Balls to each parish for soccer evangelism
• Youth HIV/Aids prevention education programs and Drug abuse training
• Start anti-stigma programs in the church and society
• Programs in Gender Based Violence

We need your support:
We invite other partners to join hands with us in this task of serving the youth of Mafinga Parish spiritually, educationally and economically.
Please pray that God will reveal himself to the youth, that they will know Him and understand their faith.
For more information please contact us